Bumper set for Veteran Lynx

Front Bumper
Front Bumper
Red (189.00 PLN)
Rear Bumper
Rear Bumper
Black (147.00 PLN)
Front Fairing
Front Fairing
Red (93.00 PLN)
Rear Fairing
Rear Fairing
Red (89.00 PLN)
Front Corner
Front Corner
Black (110.00 PLN)
Rear Corner
Rear Corner
Black (108.00 PLN)
Red (200.00 PLN)
Bottom protector
Bottom protector
Red (91.00 PLN)
Shock Cover
Shock Cover
Red (22.00 PLN)
Handle Bumpers
Handle Bumpers
Red (51.00 PLN)
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We present you with a complete set of bumpers and protectors for the electric unicycle Veteran Lynx.

Our offered set ensures full protection for the most urgent parts of the unicycle, safeguarding the wheel from severe damage in case of accidents. Simultaneously, the modern design and wide range of customization options for the entire set allow you to give Lynx a completely new character.

Ultimate Bumpers Set fot Veteran Lynx EUC

The components of the set can be customized according to your needs.

The configurator allows you to choose a set consisting of the following elements:

Front bumper

The front bumper provides excellent protection for the wheel in the event of a frontal impact with a hard surface, such as during a cutoff. The inner base of the bumper is made of durable impact-resistant plastic, while the outer bumper is entirely constructed from high-load-resistant and energy-absorbing rubber.

Bumpers set for Veteran Lynx - Front Bumper

The front handle (grip) in this bumper has been moved lower (under the headlight) for easier lifting of the wheel to place it in the trunk or carry it upstairs. Additionally, a second auxiliary handle has been added to the bumper, positioned higher, which can be used during sharp braking or when sitting on the saddle.

Rear bumper

The rear bumpers consist of two components that are screwed onto the wheel instead of the standard plastic parts. Similar to the front bumper, the inner base is made of durable impact-resistant plastic, while the outer bumper is entirely constructed from high-load-resistant rubber.

Bumpers set for Veteran Lynx - Rear Bumper

The set consists of both parts (right and left side).


In the configurator, you can choose fairings, which primarily serve as a decorative element and protect the wheel from minor scratches, for example, from branches. The fairings are made of plastic available in various colors.

The fairings also serve as side mudguards; the shape of the cuts in the fairings directs the airflow along with dust or water droplets kicked up by the wheel, helping to prevent the wheel from getting dirty quickly.

Veteran Lynx - Ultimate Bumpers Set

Additionally, the fairings are designed for mounting lights, which illuminate them from the inside, improving visibility and safety. The lights are available in the configurator as an optional accessory in the "ACCESSORIES" section.

The set consists of both parts (right and left side).

¹ NOTE - to install the fairings, it is required to install both upper and lower bumpers. There is no possibility of mounting the fairings alone without the bumpers! (However, it is possible to install just the bumpers without the fairings.)

Down bumper

The lower bumpers protect the bottom of the wheel from impacts with various obstacles such as curbs, protruding roots, stones, etc. A set of lower bumpers secures both the front and rear of the wheel housing. The lower bumpers are also made of flexible rubber and are resistant to breakage.

The set consists of both parts (right and left side).

Lower shock absorber protector 

The lower protector safeguards the bottom of the shock absorber from dirt ingress and damage from impacts, such as hitting stones. Protectors are available in a wide range of colors.

The set consists of both parts (right and left side).

Shock absorber cap

The cap allows you to cover the rectangular opening in the wheel housing, preventing various contaminants from reaching the vicinity of the shock absorber. Additionally, after installing the cap, you get a flat surface on the side of the housing, where you can attach hook-and-loop fasteners for mounting  Kinetic Pads 2.0  and other pads.

The caps are available in many different colors.

The set consists of both parts (right and left side).

Grip bumper

Rubber handle bumpers improve grip when lifting and carrying the wheel.

The set consists of both parts (front and rear).


The final component of the set is the saddle for the Lynx - our best-selling model!

The saddle is made of soft, non-slip rubber, providing both great comfort and preventing slipping during rides.

Comfortable Seat for Veteran Lynx EUC

Thanks to the specially developed saddle sliding mechanism, the saddle can be adjusted to one of three positions:

  1. Rear - This is the standard position intended for riding for those who prefer sitting closer to the back of the unicycle.
  2. Middle - If you like to sit more in the middle of the unicycle, this is the position for you. In this position, you can also comfortably sit on the wheel during stops.
  3. Front (open position) - This position provides easy access to the telescopic handle of the unicycle while maintaining full access to the display and buttons.

Veteran Lynx Seat

The saddle is available in black with colored accents.

Lights for fairings

As an optional accessory, lights for mounting on fairings are also available. The lights are available in two colors - white for the front and red for the rear.

Veteran Lynx Bumpers Set - LED Light

The lights are prepared as a plug & play set - simply mount them, connect them to the wheel, and enjoy the incredible effect of illuminated fairings.

The lights in the fairings are powered together with the lights in the wheel and can be connected simultaneously. The entire set is prepared in such a way that it is possible to power both the front and rear lights in the wheel as well as the lights in the fairings at the same time.

For each component of the set, you will receive:

  • Assembly instructions
  • Set of mounting screws

Due to differences in color display on various screens, the actual colors of the products may slightly differ from the colors shown in the renders in the configurator.

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