Seat for Veteran Lynx

Seat for Veteran Lynx


A comfortable, soft saddle for the Veteran Lynx electric unicycle with a sliding mechanism provides quick and convenient access to the unicycle’s telescopic handle.

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We offer a very comfortable saddle for the Veteran Lynx unicycle. The saddle is made of soft rubber that fits well to the shape of the body, thus it does not cause discomfort even during many hours of seated riding.

The special profile of the saddle prevents slipping off it during the ride, which gives a great sense of security.

The saddle does not limit access to the extendable unicycle handle! Thanks to a special mechanism that allows you to set the saddle in three positions, you can have free access to the telescopic handle in Lynx without the need to lift the saddle up - different from competitive products on the market.

You can set the saddle in one of three positions:

  1. At the back - this is the standard position for riding for people who prefer to sit closer to the back of the unicycle.

  2. In the middle - if you like to sit more in the middle of the unicycle, this is the position for you. In this position, you can also comfortably sit on the wheel while riding.

  3. At the front (the “open” position) - this is a position providing free access to the telescopic handle of the unicycle while maintaining full access to the display and buttons.

Veteran Lynx Seat

The entire saddle, along with the innovative sliding mechanism, was designed by Paweł Gutkowski - the author of the best and most popular footplates on the market, NyloNove and Kinetic Pads.

You can get free rubber handle protectors with the Lynx Saddle. Just use the code handle-cover when you buy the saddle.

Free handle cover for Veteran Lynx

By default, we include black protectors with this code. If you want a different color, let us know in the order notes.

The saddle is attached to the unicycle using a strong Velcro included in the set.

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