NyloNove for Veteran Sherman S with angle...

NyloNove for Veteran Sherman S with angle adjustment + overlays


Comfortable and very durable feet / pedals for Veteran Sherman S.

Version with adjustable angle of inclination in the range of 4-20 degrees.

Set with overlays to improve ergonomics and comfort!

With the overlays, the pedals do not close fully.

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1,083.00 PLN

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* Overlays color

NyloNove feet are made of very durable material - POLIAMID 6.

The feet fit the monocycles: Veteran Sherman S.

Thanks to their increased size, the feet are much more comfortable than standard KingSong S20 pedals. They also allow for much more dynamic acceleration and braking.

The pedals allow you to adjust the angle of inclination in the range of 4-20 degrees.

POLIAMID 6 is a resilient material, thanks to which the feet bend gently on bumps while riding, giving a pleasant feeling of light cushioning.

You get it:

  • two pedals (feet)
  • a set of pins for both pedals

Review of NyloNove pedals prepared by Adam Malicki from Wrong Way channel:


  • length: 290 mm
  • width: 135 mm
  • maximum allowable weight: 120 kg (recommended weight 100 kg)

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