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Introducing the well-known and recommended by everyone Kinetic Pads in the new, innovative version 2.0!

Type: FULL (without BITE system)

What's new in version 2.0?

The new version of the pads introduces a lot of changes and improvements:

  • Larger, wider and even more comfortable modules available,
  • Module connectors have been redesigned to prevent from disconnecting modules while driving,
  • The rear pad modules are also available in a version that allows you to mount LED strobe lights inside, so that the entire rear pads can glow!
  • A larger contact surface with the wheel will allow for even more secure holding of the pads on the wheel,
  • Thanks to the use of a new adhesive for gluing Velcro, we have solved the problem of Velcro detaching from the pads once and for all,
  • All key elements of the pads are made of soft materials (including module connectors), thanks to which the new Kinetic Pads 2.0 do not pose a threat to the user or the wheel itself (during an accident there is no risk of damage to the wheel housing by the hard element of the pads).

Kinetic Pads 2.0 in action!

See how our pads were tested by one of the best riders - Mr WrongWay:

Bite System (BITE version only)

In combination with dedicated NyloNove pedals, it allows full folding of the pedals even with low-mounted power pads.

You can find NyloNove pedals with the Bite System HERE.

Kinetic System

Powerpads have hinges that allow you to adjust the shape of the pads to any position of the legs.

No matter if:

  • you have a thin or thick calf,
  • are you tall or short,
  • whether you ride with or without shin guards,
  • do you accelerate by pushing the pads with your knees or do you lean forward all the way...

... you can easily adjust the setting of the pads to your riding style!

Modular System

Thanks to the modular design of the pads, you can freely configure their shape and size, exchanging individual modules for larger ones, or simply not mounting selected modules.

With the help of our creator, you will create the perfect pads for yourself!


In the set you will receive a set of powerpads for both sides of the unicycle (all modules have Velcro installed).

In addition, you can get 2 meters of the soft side of Velcro to stick on the wheel for free - just select the appropriate option in the pad creator.

ATTENTION! If no color is selected, we will send the pads in the default color scheme (red pads with black connectors).
Waiting time: 14 days for production.

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