Wydruk 3D

Veteran Sherman

BMS protector for Veteran Sherman

40.65 PLN

€8.49 tax excl.
$9.11 tax excl.
Spacers to protect the BMS in the batteries in the event of the wheel falling to the side.Version for the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle.
Veteran Abrams

AnyPads for Veteran Abrams

100.00 PLN

€20.89 tax excl.
$22.42 tax excl.
AnyPads allow you to mount most of the available power pads to the Veteran Abrams EUC.
Electric unicycles

XlitET lamp holder for Veteran Sherman

15.45 PLN

€3.23 tax excl.
$3.46 tax excl.
Holder for mounting the XlitET lamp in place of the original lamp in the Veteran Sherman / Sherman MAX electric unicycle. 
Electric unicycles

Spacers for attaching LED strips in Veteran Sherman

28.46 PLN

€5.94 tax excl.
$6.38 tax excl.
Spacers allow for equal and aesthetic installation of LED strips in the Veteran Sherman / Sherman MAX unicycle. Set of four distances. 
Electric unicycles

Universal FlexPads V3 for EUC

447.15 PLN

€93.40 tax excl.
$100.26 tax excl.
Universal FlexPads V3 COMFORT+ powerpads fit all electric unicycles, which have flat side panels enabling pads to be attached with Velcro.
Inmotion V11

FlexPads V3 for Inmotion V11

479.67 PLN

€100.19 tax excl.
$107.55 tax excl.
Original FlexPads V3 COMFORT+ powerpads dedicated to Inmotion V11 electric unicycle.
Inmotion V11

AnyPads for Inmotion V11

121.95 PLN

€25.47 tax excl.
$27.34 tax excl.
AnyPads allow you to mount most of the available power pads to the Inmotion V11 EUC.
Electric unicycles

Speaker covers for Gotway MSP EUC

20.33 PLN

€4.25 tax excl.
$4.56 tax excl.
A set of two speaker grilles for the Gotway MSP electric unicycle.
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