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Veteran Lynx

Bumper set for Veteran Lynx

Bumpery do Lynxa
0.00 PLN
We present you with a complete set of bumpers and protectors for the electric unicycle Veteran Lynx. Our offered set ensures full protection for the most urgent parts of the unicycle, safeguarding the wheel from severe damage in case of accidents. Simultaneously, the modern design and wide range of customization options for the entire set allow you to...
Electric unicycles

Cyclope Origins for Veteran Sherman OG and Max

400.00 PLN
Cyclope Origins is a new Cyclope LED lamp dedicated to the Veteran Sherman OG and Sherman Max unicycles. The lamp is compatible only with the Veteran Sherman OG and Max unicycles and not any other.
1,086.00 PLN
Comfortable and very durable feet / pedals for KingSong S19, S22. BITE SYSTEM footplates - compatible with KINETIC PADS powerpads. Version with adjustable angle of inclination in the range of 0-20 degrees. Set with overlays to improve ergonomics and comfort! With the overlays, the pedals do not close fully.
Kinetic Pads

Kinetic Pads 2.0 - BIG BITE

745.00 PLN
Introducing the well-known and recommended by everyone Kinetic Pads in the new, innovative version 2.0!
35.00 PLN
Knob for manual suspension adjustment for Veteran Lynx (no tools required). Price for a set of two pieces. The Veteran Sherman S / Patton version is available here: Suspension Adjustment Knob for Veteran Sherman S, Patton
Veteran Lynx

Seat for Veteran Lynx

Siodło Lynx
280.49 PLN
A comfortable, soft saddle for the Veteran Lynx electric unicycle with a sliding mechanism provides quick and convenient access to the unicycle’s telescopic handle.
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